i bet tina and mike have really hot sex


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L-O-V-E (Glee Cast Version) - Harry Shum Jr & Jenna Ushkowitz

Glee Meme five otps (3/5)
Tina & Mike

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"You know, for all the talk that’s been going on over who deserved the leads more (Rachel or Mercedes, Blaine or Kurt) you know what would have actually been interesting, and what could have brought some freshness to this stale show? Having Mike and Tina cast as Tony and Maria. It could have been an incredible bit of originality on the show’s part - Actually giving Tina a plot, exploring her and her relationship with Mike, perhaps showing the struggle of keeping their relationship going when we learned in Asian F that Mike’s dad doesn’t approve of her, it could have been great and truly compelling, but the writers of course stuck to the stale formula that Glee shows no signs of dropping any time soon – Oh ma gawd! Mercedes and Rachel diva off! How original is that! Oh noes! Klaine is fighting over the same role! Angst gold!"
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