OQ’s ‘I’m in love with someone else’ and Caryl’s reunion.

Me a very happy shipper :D

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I made a vow until death do us part. And it did but then it didn’t. But my vow remains. I may be a thief but I have a code and I have to live by that code otherwise what kind of life am I living?


4.03 “Rocky Road” [x]

Outlaw Queen in 4x03

Say wut? What is there to hate about? :/

Some are upset/angry how Robin has the nerve to ask her of all people and how can he think so little of Regina’s feelings or not consider them at all.

The thing here is that people seem to forget that Robin is first and foremost a father and not Marian’s husband or Regina’s soulmate. From the looks of it and from what we know from BTS pics Roland will be part of this and Robin sure as hell doesn’t want his son to lose his mother again no matter what his feelings for Regina or Marian are. He trusts, knows and believes in Regina that’s why he asks her for help. I’m sure it’s not an easy thing for him to do and that he doesn’t want to hurt her more than he already has but his main concern here is most likely Roland and there is nothing wrong with that.

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Once Upon A Time - 4.02 White Out
HD screencaptures @ Lana Parrilla Daily

Just lucky, I guess.

You don’t give up on the people you love.

Will there be any backstory on Robin?

"There absolutely will be, probably," said co-creator Edward Kitsis, "but it won’t be in the first half of the season." Don’t fret the wait, though. All signs point to Robin’s past being high on the writers’ list of priorities. "It’s something we’re excited to explore," added fellow co-creator Adam Horowitz.