Their chemistry is undeniable.


some of the ouat cast in the s4 premiere 

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tagged → #once upon a time

Once Upon A Halloween (2014)

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"It’s a difficult reunion because, obviously for Regina… what we loved about the finale is that before this happened and she was walking into that party, you saw her the happiest she had ever been on the show, even before when she was a teenage girl." [x]


You have to drink the potion. You have to forget everything I just told you.


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"She is a very complex character, she is constantly surprising me. I love how she has this sort of fervent desire for change and growth, and she’s not content—she used to be, when she was Evil Queen, she was adamant about staying who she was, she was relentless, heartless, extremely impulsive and now she’s redeemed herself and all of that really was borne out of her love for Henry." - Lana Parrilla

9 days until the Queen’s return.


To the return of your heart. How does it feel?
S t r o n g e r  than ever.