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It’s finally done! I know a lot of us want to see Robin & Regina have their own little baby princess, so this is my take on it :) Hope you like it! 

And there IS a storyline to it, so please do read it after you watch to get the full story, and in case something is unclear in the video. Don’t read it until you watch the video! xD Storyline is below (sorry if it’s really lame haha).

Robin & Regina are happily in love. They plan to become a family, and Regina soon becomes pregnant. Nine months later, she gives birth to a beautiful baby girl. They name her Rosemarie Elizabeth Hood, “Rose” for short. 

Rose grows to be a strong, beautiful young woman. She gets most of her looks from Regina, but inherits her adorable dimples and wonderful archery skills from Robin. Life is great for the Hood-Mills family.

Until one day…DUN DUN DUN. Greg Mendell is in town, and he’s out to get Regina for killing his father. With the help of Tamara, Greg kidnaps not Regina, but her daughter, Rose — and wants her to do something awful. He wants Rose to kill Regina, or else he and Tamara will do it themselves — and kill the rest of her family.

After being let go, Rose is crushed and confused. She imagines herself ACTUALLY killing her mother. Could she really do such a thing? No, of course she couldn’t! She can’t kill her OWN mother! This is not who she is. There must be a way to stop them.

….It’s too late. Regina is kidnapped by Greg & Tamara, after Rose did not complete her forced task. They torture her with electroshock until she dies. Snow & Charming manage to find Regina — but it’s just her poor, tortured body. 

Devastated, Rose starts to feel guilty for her mother’s death. She goes crazy, much like Regina did when Cora died (I just really wanted to parallel those scenes because I found them to be so similar). She will avenge her mother. 

Rose hunts her mother’s murderers down. Greg gets his shadow ripped from him (like in the canon storyline). Tamara almost gets away, but Rose shoots her in the back with an arrow, killing her, and ultimately avenging her mother.


oh damn, sean accepted colin’s challenge. prepare yourselves.


oh damn, sean accepted colin’s challenge. prepare yourselves.

Dwight Hendrickson + Season 5 Trailer


Comic-Con Trailer: The Walking Dead: Season 5 /region free/


(thanks to TeemPeeta1)



(thanks to TeemPeeta1)

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NEW Catching Fire trailer that debuted today at Comic Con!!! 

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"She is starting to think of him as a future husband, a possible father."
— Stana Katic about Beckett and her relationship with Castle (x)

Kurt Sutter, you’re a fucking asshole.

Why Opie, WHY???


I will now apologize to all the people I just killed with this mind blowingly cute photoset. You’re also welcome.