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CASTLE Season 5 Premiere: ‘After the Storm’ You Ask, I Answer


Does anyone find out about Caskett in the first episode? Do we see Beckett’s bedroom? – @myrtlegroggins (via Twitter)
The answer to at least one of those questions is yes.

Is Beckett’s dad going to make another appearance this season? – @lynnerau (via Twitter
He’s not in the premiere, but given he was also cut from the finale, let’s hope he shows up ASAP. After all, his daughter has an important new relationship in her life…

Are Castle and Beckett more open with each other now that they’ve done the deed, or do they still dance around their feelings? – Peg (via email)
The duo are refreshingly honest with each other. I was actually a bit surprised how honest they were at one point. (It may have made me go “Aww” just a teeny tiny bit.)

ANYTHING you can tell us about the cuteness-/hotness factor of Castle & Beckett in 5×01 would be MUCH appreciated. Dying! - ‏@Nora02583 (via Twitter)
I’m pretty sure “Caskett” fans may have a ridiculous smile on their face for large parts of the episode. There are some super serious moments in the hour — AKA it’s not all fun and games — but I’d be shocked if you guys don’t break Tumblr and Twitter a bit during/after the episode airs.

Where are Ryan & Esposito at in their friendship? Still at odds, or are their signs that they’re back to being ‘them’? – @Laffers18 (via Twitter)
For as good as Castle and Beckett are, Ryan and Esposito are on the opposite end of the spectrum. Things have not been resolved between the duo at all. (There’s threats of violence and pretty pointed nickname in the premiere. Hug it out, guys!)

Is there some resolution to Johanna’s case and is that change in Kate evident from the start of the ep to the end? - @_Jessalynn_ (via Twitter)
There is certainly a level of resolution to the case (in the interest of not ruining things, I can’t share how much resolution), and because of that, Kate Beckett might be the most bad-ass we’ve EVER seen her. And that’s saying something.

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Puck and Rachel were friends since kids but in high school , they grew apart from each other. Rachel starts to date Finn … but … Puck loves her … (pretty much every Puckleberry fic starts this way -.- )


daddy noah & his little princess caroline


daddy noah & his little princess caroline

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I totally didn’t realize this until I was uploading the pictures…but in the first pic, Mark is complaining about the sun, and then in the next picture, Chord is blocking it for him with his arm! :’) I just love their bromance!



Lea: And I was like let me see. I touched his butt ladies, get excited. And I swear one butt cheek is like so much bigger than the other. I was like “Mark, OMG you’re really hurt”. But then I just kept touching his butt all day long. Like look one’s bigger than the other, look. (x)

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He just had to get at dat ass.


He just had to get at dat ass.

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