“you know what, i will say—i’m a very affectionate person with the people that i love, which are two of these…[this] lady, and gentleman.” - dianna agron on being the biggest flirt


9 favourite mongron photos
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The Fuinn Meme | Theme #5 | Mongron

“Aren’t you pregnant?” “Shut your face.” “She’s bragging for me!” “Yeah, but it’s true, he’s good!” “I’m making music for you.” “What is your favourite part of doing your show?” “Cory Monteith.” “Awwwwww! You’re sweet!” “Is this your lovely lady right here?” “This is Dianna. Hey, Dianna, say hi!” “Don’t move.” “Oh, my God, Cory! Cory Monteith!” “This just got awkw— Am I blushing?”

Dianna: We’re here filming a new number called we…

Cory: We’ve given up the funk, we got that funk, we’ve gotta give up that funk.

Dianna: What is it? We’ve got the funk?

Cory: *sings* You’ve got the funk.