ultimate shipping challenge  // [10] Hurt/Comfort scenes

We’ve been through some rough stuff lately. The thing is, you’re right.

Character development  → Michael Guerin 

Maria Deluca smiling/laughing  requested by anonymous. 

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Maria Deluca's facial expressions  requested by anonymous 

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Michael?! Who said anything about Michael?


30 DAY ROSWELL CHALLENGE→ Day 6. Favorite Female Character→Maria Deluca

Okay, the guy with the gun, right? Was kind of like a, like a muscular Beavis, you know? And then… the other one was like a, like a beefy Butthead. 


Roswell 30 Day Challenge ~ Day 3. Favorite Scene from Season Two

"I gotta bail Max…and if there’s enough money, Michael…out of jail."


Michael and Maria’s first kiss

You know, all I ask of you is just to try to make me feel better, you know, be a guy or whatever. Forget it. I have obviously tried to bark up the wrong tree.