i would if i could. work last week, i basically came home every day and went right to bed

Poor baby. I hate when you get so exhausted from work that you have nothing left of the rest of your evening because you just want to sleep.

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I’m tempted to if I had more hours in a day. My day now consist of work and sleep and maybe an hour or 2 of breaking down of this stupid show lol

LOL I would totally cut down on sleep (totally overrated anyway LOL) and do the site :D

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sean? or someone else. go make me a kristin site please

Yeah that’s the one :D

If only I was as obsessed with her as you are :P
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not for another hour

Seriously? Damn. What am I gonna do with myself til then?

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so glad you are watching it. I’m nicknaming him Where is Olinsky. LMAO.

Oh, I never meant to not watch it. There is only one person that I’m not a fan of and I love all the others so that’s already enough reason to watch it.

Also LOL

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looks amazing

Thanks bb

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can’t see it not even on tnt press site

ok thanks for checking

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? what pics and what show

I just meant on the accounts that I have. They upload White Collar, Elementary, Revenge,… but the Blue Bloods set pics are never on them :(

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i think i know who you are referring to lol

lol they were faster than me in creating the site

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gonna take a few minutes since its flv

No rush. I’m about to pass out. So exhausted from the last 3 weeks at work.

Thanks bb <3333

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want to link me and let me see if it loads for me and if so i can grab for you


thanks :)

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and they might both be actors but mark does movies and donnie film/music. it’s different

Exactly. They are both successful in their own way. Why media feels the need to always compare them is beyond me.

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I agree. I mean I adore Mark BUT if it wasn’t for Donnie, Mark would not be as successful!!!

This! Like I know Mark worked for his success but Donnie was the one to point him in the right direction.
I mean just look at how Mark reacts to his past and how Donnie reacts. Mark is ashamed while Donnie embraces it.

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lovablesinss replied to your post: They can’t end the episode like that.

i know i was like you fucking assholes. thankfully it’s just 2 weeks unlike other shows. WHAT WHO AM I KIDDING i need it now

LOL I just checked because I thought we would have to wait forever but it’s already in two weeks but yeah I want it now.

I’m going crazy over no Blue Bloods at the moment. It’s finally coming back in two weeks and I hope it will stay and wont go back into hiatus right away like last time. I keep on rewatching old episodes. Already seen S1 and S2 five times.

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