"what a beautiful wedding"
— no one in game of thrones ever (via brotherathelstan)
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  • Me: You should watch Orphan Black! You'll love Tatiana Maslany!
  • Friend: Does she play the hero, or the villain?
  • Me: .......Yes.
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When Regina is hesitant about taking the next step with Robin, Tink calls the true love brigade for an intervention.

"Regina! Wait! We haven’t even gotten to the ‘I will always find you’ part!"



game of thrones hogwarts au

jon snow puts on the sorting hat

“ahh, you must be ned stark’s bastard”

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Sienna VS Markiplier

proof pole dancing takes fuckin strength

You Mean "Proof that strippers are superior to human beings"

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Come at me br-nevermind. [video]


Come at me br-nevermind. [video]

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I love how Regina’s idea of flirting is

  • Threatening Robin 
  • Running out on the offered drink
  • I was cluing for looks
  • Turning down the drink again
  • Asking Robin to hide in the woods and guard her heart that she just ripped out
  • Asking Robin to hold on to this creepy glowing heart

And Robin’s just like

  • You’re Adorable (Drinks?)
  • Drink?
  • Drinks Later?
  • Come on beautiful, Drink?
  • Stand out in woods guarding Evil Queens heart (I’ll definitely earn a drink for this)
  • You owe me now, Drink?
I want to marry this post
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3.16 IT’S NOT EASY BEING GREEN crack!vid

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tumblr users outside of tumblr

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