I am lost, I am vain, I will never be the same without you.


Au Meme: Fuinntana in the 40’s as requested by designishowitworks.

In which Quinn and Finn are engaged, Quinn and Santana are best friends…and Santana and Finn get caught in their affair.

“Finn, you’re not supposed to be back her- what are you doing?”
“What I didn’t have the courage to do years ago. Will you marry me, Brittany?”

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"Within the single episode entitled “Yes/No,” the blank slate of a character that is Finn (Cory Monteith) decided to join the military (where did that come from?), realized his father didn’t really die in Iraq and then, armed with this knowledge, decided to propose to Rachel (woah, where did that come from?). Surely he realizes that Rachel (Lea Michele) wants to dash off to NYADA and the bright lights of Broadway as a solo artist, not marry a football player, hyphenate her last name (Rachel Berry-Hudson doesn’t sound that bad, though) and show up at callbacks for a community theater production of “Sundays in the Park With George” with a wedding band on her finger."
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yellow diamonds in the light, now we’re standing side by side


glee meme ♔ four brotps {3/4}

“i really thought you were different, finn.”
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For Kianna

Who would win in a dance-off: Nathan Scott or Finn Hudson?

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